We are going to talk about food and drink
SODAS  and sweat tea they are worst drinks ever, they
 have more sugar in which result producing more body
fat in your system. I highly recommend to stop or reduce
 them for maximum result.
wine and beer please stop any beer they still have a lot of
calories,still will make you gain weight especially belly fat.
My advise will be to drink 1-3 glasses of red wine every week
some people think that is good for your heart
JUICES  they better than sodas,but still contain sugar,so 1-2
glasses will be a good way to start your day,but drink water
all day long for maximum result
WATER  drink as much as you can 6-8 glasses will be great
water has no sugar-no calories-no fat,so the less fat you take
the better you will lose the one you already have in your body.
The more water you will drink the better you will sweat,so more weight loss
Please reduce or stop fast food restaurant as much as you can.
they are very fatty,with a lot of calories that usually make you
gain a lot of weight. So they aren't healthy for you.
Ice cream and cookies  reduce them or chose the one with less
calories and sat.fat. the less sugar intake is the less fat your body
will create hopefully you understand
Pizza and pasta   reduce them especially pasta they are full of
carolies and fat.
Choose some good food in store,just take few minutes read their
calories and fat. You have the option to eat good or bad food.
     The less sugar intake,the better your body will slim
          Lifestyle  hobbit
Remember to rest your body after a long day of work,7-10 hours
of sleep is recommended by most doctors. Your aren't a machine
don't try to do much at once you will be fine.
stress   is your 2nd worst enemy,your body produce more
fat when you have a lot of stress,I know is not that easy with
all this problems,but try to relax and fix what you can.
Those are the most important keys of your life,you will have to
try to change for your maximum results. So, there is no exercise
asked or diet to do. Why not try a soap and a cream that will
make you lose weight, instead of buying a regular soap and
cream that won't change your body. Try them for just 1 week
 and you will see the result with your own eyes.
Remember to send me pics of your weight as a Thank you
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