Products info. 
  We carry a wide range of products to suit a  variety of 
     budgets and tastes. Our most popular  products they 
        are shown below. 100% original and  safe to use.    
                       Please call for more information.  
              ~~~  Slimming Soaps
    We have different slimming soap: Chili ~ Green tea ~ Ginger ~      Garlic ~ Musk ~ Aloe Vera, they will give you the same results
  but the scent is different from each to the other....
                   ~~~ Slimming creams
       The slimming creams are very strong and 100% natural. They  are made of herbals plants with extracts leaf. The selection are
 Chili slimming creams ~ Green tea slimming creams ~ Ginger
 slimming creams ~ Garlic slimming creams ~ Aloe vera slimming
 creams. Most of them are 200 ml, which will last you from 4 - 8
 weeks. The slimming creams can be used in your belly ~ arms ~ 
 legs ~ love handles ~ backs ~ buttocks. Slim the body part you 
 only want. You can lose up to 2 - 5 lbs in 7 days. Remember to
 add a slimming soap + cream + sauna waist belt = fast results
             ~~~ Slimming pills

  The pills are 100% natural and safe to use. Simply take   1 pill  a day after breakfast. Some customers prefer to take the pills and
 others the slimming  creams package ( soap - creams - belt ).  You can also buy both the slimming pills and the slimming  package for extreme results. With the pills only you can lose up 
 to 3 - 5 lbs a week.With the creams you can also lose up to 3 - 5  lbs in 7 days.But with both together you can lose up to 5 -10 lbs
 in 7 days. There is no side effects on using this products. Most 
 customers see results in 2 days only. 

        ~~~ Vagina products

  We carry a great selection of vagina products, we have some  vagina soaps, vagina soft gels, vagina tampons, and vagina spray.
 The vagina soaps can be used twice a day before and after sex. 
 The vagina soap will help you stop itching ~ cleaning ~ stop bad
 odor ~ tightening  the vagina muscle ~ always feel fresh for up
 to 24 hours. The vagina pills and tampons works almost the same
 insert 1 pill in your vagina and the pill will do the job inside.  The
 tampon will be the strongest of all ....

                  ~~~Butt enlargement products

    We have about four different of butt enlargement products, with    all the same results. We sell the Ginger butt cream, the Chili butt
 cream, The Hip up butt cream and the New butt cream.  They  have all the same ingredients. Most results will show in 2 - 5 days  of use. All results are permanent. Simply apply the cream 3 times  a day and use the soap twice a day.

      ~~~ Slimming belts and sauna

    The most important will be the sauna belt, I highly recommend  all customers to always add at least one sauna belt for better
 results. The sauna is made of high quality plastic PVC that will
 really help you sweat and burn fat 10x faster than before.  Remember the sauna can be used for life time, simply wipe it off
 after use. All others slimming belts can be used each time you
 wrap your belly after massaging the cream in your belly.

      ~~~ Slimming Pills

     Pills are one of our strongest pills. You can lose up to
   10 to 15 lbs in just 10 days. The pills are mostly made with 
   100% natural and herbal plants. Ingredients are: indian lutos-
   cassia seed-alisma orientalis-bitter orange extracts and carnitine
   Only take 1 pill a day before or after breakfast. Fast working pills
    - suppresses appetite - no hunger no rebound - no diarrhea - no 
    chemicals - no hormone - no side effects IS 100% HERBAL

             ~~~Others products

   Others are for personal care, please read on each item before
   purchased. The all work very good and very strong. They work
   on all types of skin no side effects but great results.......

  *** How to use the slimming package ***

                               --- Use your slimming soap twice a day
                        --- Apply the cream twice a day to the body part you want to slim
                        --- Wrap your belly, you can also wrap your legs and arms
                        --- Keep your wrap for 5 - 8 hours a day drink about 3-6 glasses a day
                        --- No need to change your diet, the results will show in less than 3 days

  *** How to use butt & breast enlargement cream ***

                --- Use your enlargement soap twice a day
                --- Apply the cream 3 times a day
                --- Take your before and after pictures
                --- Send them and receive 50% off on your 
                      next purchase on any one item
                --- The all work the same, from what customers
                      think the Miracle will be the strongest

     All results are permanent 

    If you still have any questions feel free to text me
                   or call me at   205 215 5925 thank you    

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